VBAN connects investors to high quality, investor ready startups in East Africa.


Channeling local and international investor capital into seed-stage startup investments in East Africa.


Empowering angel investors to be more proficient in their investment journey.


We have a tested process of vetting and on-boarding start-ups that are investor ready so you don’t have to do this work.

First, I think it is necessary to ‘learn by doing’. I do not recommend sitting on the sideline waiting for the first ideal investment case, but rather enter the learning process through making 3-4 very small investments that you are mentally prepared to lose. Secondly, learn from and cooperate with other angel investors. So be active in communities like Viktoria BAN, do investment through syndicates rather than alone, participate in company reviews, and use available best practices for valuation, investment terms, due diligence and other key themes that you need to know about.

Christian WigAngel

Joining an angel network goes beyond ease of mobilizing capital and . It has the added advantage of networking with like-minded angels and on that basis one can learn from their experience on how to navigate the sometimes-perilous journey of angel investing

Robert GichohiAngel

Angels are your initial champions in the market as they offer more than just their money. The support we've received from our angel investors in our growth journey was instrumental to get us to where we are, we thank the VBAN angel community for their trust and the partnership, and we look forward to a bright future together as we make an impact in the expansive African retail and distribution economy.

Tesh MutethiaCEO – MarketFroce